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Learn everything you need to know to transform your digital photography from amateur to pro, with fun and ease in just a few hours!
Heidi Hope Learn Digital Photography Lessons

Are you ready to feel confident?

Master the photography skills you need to make your work stand out.

  • Exposure

    Learn the 3 factors of exposure that will have you nailing the light and shadow in your image every time, while keeping full control over the outcome of your image.

  • Focus

    Master focusing techniques and Depth of Field to get sharp, clear results and beautiful blurred backgrounds. Never miss your focus point again!

  • Composition

    Create beautiful, eye catching compositions that make your photography stand out in a sea of digital images.

  • Gear

    Know how to select the proper lenses, camera settings, and auto modes you need to make the image you have in your mind come to life through your tools!

  • Light

    Learn to work with natural light and light modifiers to create professional quality lighting patterns on your subjects.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome! I'm Heidi Hope!

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Digital Cameras and Lenses

    • Types of Digital Cameras

    • Parts of a Camera

    • Choosing a Camera

    • How Digital SLR Cameras Work

    • Focal Length

    • Types of Lenses

    • Lens Examples

    • Maximum Aperture

    • Lesson 1 Practice Activities

  • 3

    Mastering Exposure

    • The Exposure Triangle

    • Aperture

    • Shutter

    • ISO

    • Exposure Triangle Review

    • Exposure Metering

    • Under and Over Exposure

    • Exposure Modes

    • Lesson 2 Practice Activities

  • 4

    Focus & Depth of Field

    • Focus

    • Focal Point

    • Focus Modes

    • Focusing Tips

    • Depth of Field

    • Bokeh

    • BONUS Depth of Field Demonstration

    • BONUS Depth of Field Results

    • Lesson 3 Practice Activities

  • 5

    Light and Shadow

    • Light and Shadow

    • Lighting Patterns

    • Indoor Lighting Tools

    • Light Modifiers

    • Outdoor Lighting

    • White Balance

    • Lighting Tips

    • Lesson 4 Practice Activities

    • Bonus Light Modifiers Activity YouTube

  • 6

    Composing Beautiful Images

    • Composition

    • Balance

    • Rule of Thirds

    • Bird's Eye Composition

    • Pattern and Texture

    • Leading Lines

    • Framing

    • Motion

    • Horizon

    • Distractions

    • Perspective

    • Lesson 5 Practice Activities

    • Bonus: Forced Perspective Activity YouTube

    • Bonus: Bird's Eye Perspective Activity YouTube

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  • What level of photographer is this for?

    Master digital photography is for photographers and aspiring photographers who want to learn how to use manual camera mode and want to master focus, exposure, lighting and composition fundamentals. Content is best suited for ages 12 and up!

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    The course is self paced, so you can go at your own speed and you will always have access to the video lessons in your portal.

  • What type of camera do I need?

    You don't need a camera yet to learn the fundamentals, but you will want one to complete the practice exercises! The lessons are geared towards Digital SLR Cameras, however can be applied to all types of digital cameras, even cell phones! If you have a camera you haven't figured out how to use yet, this course is especially for you!