She's Gone Free


A private community for creative women ready to transform their blocks into breakthroughs and reclaim their passion and purpose.
She's Gone Free Community

I've been there...

Your life is busy. It’s overflowing with tasks and responsibilities and to-do’s. You work so hard and juggle so much that you could easily join a Circus! Your mind runs marathons trying to remember every appointment, obligation, practice, meeting, birthday party… You feel scattered and exhausted. You are grateful for a life so full, but sometimes you still look around yourself and think, "there has to be a better way than this." You often feel stressed, depleted, overwhelmed and burnt out trying to be everything to everyone, yet if you ever take a little bit of time for yourself, you feel “selfish.” You wish time would slow down or stop altogether because the moments that you really want to savor are slipping through your fingers but you just can’t keep up at this pace without burning out.

Let's paint the picture

What if you gave yourself one year to fully immerse yourself in a coaching community of inspiring women to transform your biggest blocks into breakthroughs and unleash a life of greater passion, purpose and joy?

  • Imagine having me, Heidi as your coach, uplifting, encouraging and checking in with your progress as you release what is holding you back and step into your next level.

  • Imagine feeling more energy, enthusiasm, passion and purpose in every area of life as you light them up one by one through this process.

  • Imagine the relief and lightness you will feel as you let go of your blocks, heal your past and forgive the people and experiences that keep you feeling stuck.

  • Imagine overcoming self sabotage and silencing your inner critic so that you feel profound love and gratitude for yourself, your body and your life.

  • Imagine finding your tribe of supportive, high-achieving, creative women who are all walking the path of transformation together, sharing inspiration and keeping each other accountable. No one is further along the path than anyone else. We are all walking together.

  • Imagine getting back in touch with your creative and playful side with paint nights, book club, creative activities and guided meditations, letting your inner artist come out and have fun again!

  • Imagine the radical self-love you will feel for giving yourself this gift.

She's Gone Free Monthly Membership

Active Membership Includes (monthly)

  • 2 group coaching calls with Heidi *** $200 Value

  • Deepening exploration: Monthly lesson from Heidi Hope *** $97 Value

  • Guided Meditation & Journal Prompts *** $47 Value

  • 1 Peer Group Coaching Call led by Heidi *** $100 Value

  • Private Facebook Community for inspiration, support and accountability *** $47 Value

  • Paint Night (Bi-monthly) *** $47 Value


Membership includes everything above PLUS

  • Unbound: The Guided Path to Transformation Course *** $2200 value

  • Book Club! Bi-Monthly Bookclub you can invite your friends to join for free!

  • Affiliate Eligibility up to $2000 per month for Group Facilitators *** earn $2000 per month

She's Gone Free Membership