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In this 8 week coaching program and mastermind you will learn to tap into the power of universal inspiration through simple daily practices developed specifically for your unique creative signature. This mastermind is all about life transformation, and it isn't just for photographers! We will work through releasing the fears that hold you back from accessing your highest expression of self in life, business and parenting. We focus on creativity, inspiration and finding your genius. It is for creative women who are ready to shatter their ceilings and fully embody what they were put on this Earth to do. It is those of you who are ready to live an extraordinary life.

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8 Week Inspired Framework

You will learn to:

  • Access flow state on demand
  • Find your genius zone
  • Clarify your purpose and prioritize obligations around it
  • Create aligned goals and take inspired action towards them
  • Enhance productivity, focus and results with less effort and more Joy
  • Create systems to work within your own personality, talents and natural cycles of creativity
  • Gain mastery over your time and release the concept of lack
  • Re-ignite inspiration and creativity
  • Remove the conscious and subconscious blocks that are holding you back
  • Let go of: limiting beliefs, negative patterns and habits
  • Say goodbye to the work that no longer serves you
  • Push through feelings of stuckness
  • Develop routines to transform your life through small daily habits
  • Consciously create the results you desire from a place of joy and enthusiasm

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and BONUS Week!

    • Welcome!

    • Facebook Group

    • Video: Schedule and Commitment

    • FULL Schedule with All Zoom Links

    • Personal Commitment Contract

    • Personal Assessment Video

    • Personal Assessment - Pre- Course

    • Kickoff Call Recording

    • FULL Journal All 8 Weeks Combined PDF

    • Path of Transformation

  • 2

    The Creative Mind

    • You are the creator

    • How creativity works

    • Neurochemistry

    • Left vs Right

    • Creative practices

    • Week 1 Reflection Questions and Journal Prompts

    • Affirmations Week One

    • Coaching Call 2 - Full Moon Release

    • Coaching Call 3 - Individual Shares - Group Introduction

  • 3

    Elevated Emotions

    • Elevated Emotions

    • Love vs Fear

    • Gratitude

    • Inspiration, Enthusiasm and Joy

    • Cultivating elevated Emotions

    • Meditation

    • Week 2 Journal Prompts

    • Affirmations Week 2

    • Coaching Call 4

    • Coaching Call 5

  • 4

    Clear Intention

    • Clarity

    • Intuition

    • Discover your purpose

    • Clarify your intentions

    • Embodiment

    • Boundaries

    • Grounding Meditation

    • Wheel/ Circle of Life

    • Week 3 Journal

    • Week 3 Affirmations

    • Coaching Call 6: Purpose and Intention

    • Coaching Call 7: Boundaries

  • 5

    Flow State

    • Characteristics of Flow State

    • Find Your Flow

    • Hack Your Flow

    • Increasing focus and motivation

    • Flow state practices

    • Week 4 Journal

    • Week 4 Affirmations

    • Coaching Call 8: Flow State and Meditation

    • Coaching Call 8: Flow State and Meditation

    • Coaching Call 9

  • 6

    Clearing Blocks and Upper Limits

    • Limiting Beliefs

    • The Shadow

    • Trauma

    • The inner child

    • What's holding you back?

    • Healing practices

    • Week 5 Journal

    • Week 5 Affirmations

    • Coaching Call 10: Full Moon Release

    • Coaching Call 11: Shadow, healing, inner child, grief

  • 7

    Aligned Goals

    • Alignment

    • Desire Map

    • Joy and Vision Balance

    • Big Goals vs Little Goals

    • Goal Setting Part 1

    • Visualization

    • Visualization Audio Only

    • Goal Setting Part 2 (Future Self Journal)

    • Unbound Week 6 Journal

    • Week 6 Affirmations

    • Coaching Call 12: Vision and Goals

    • Coaching Call 13: Path of Transformation

  • 8

    Creative Routines

    • Manifestation

    • The Creative Cycle

    • Staying inspired

    • Say goodbye to burnout

    • Daily Habits

    • Develop your Routine

    • Week 7 Journal

    • Week 7 Affirmations

  • 9

    Write Your New Story

    • Your unique path

    • Genius Zone

    • Vision

    • The End of Fear

    • Burn the old story

    • Write the new story

    • Week 8 Journal

    • Week 8 Affirmations


  • What can we expect each week?

    Every Saturday at 9am EST a new mastermind topic will be released here on the course website. It will include 5-7 short video lessons and creative exercises. Each week we will do 2 live group coaching calls on Zoom and in our private Facebook group related to the topics we're studying that week! All calls are recorded and available for replay. I encourage everyone to try to make 1 call per week!

  • What time are the live group calls?

    Live group calls will vary in time each week so that people from multiple time zones have different opportunities to join. All calls are recorded and will be added to the course site. Call Schedule is posted in the course site and Facebook group. Check out the January 2022 call schedule below.

  • What if I can't make the live calls?

    Every thing we do in the mastermind will be recorded and added to the course portal for lifetime access.

  • Will there be time for live 1 on 1 coaching with in the group?

    Yes! This is a small group of women and anyone who would like to have direct coaching with Heidi will have the chance to do so during our live group broadcasts. Our live coaching is where the magic happens!

  • How long will the Facebook group be active?

    The Facebook group will be active for comments and questions for 10 weeks from the start date of our mastermind. After that it will be archived so that you can still see all posts, however comments will not be moderated. All content will be uploaded to the course site for future access and replay.

  • Do you offer 1 on 1 coaching

    YES! You can now add on private, 1 on 1 coaching with Heidi for additional support through the program and beyond! See additional products below.

  • What is the time commitment?

    The lessons take approximately 1 hour per week to view. Journaling time varies and is up to you. I would set aside 10-15 minute per day to journal, or about 1 hour per week. There are 2 group coaching calls per week for 8 weeks. Coaching calls last 1 hour. I encourage you to set aside time to make at least 1 per week! Replay are available and you have lifetime access to the material.

2022 Coaching Call Schedule

Schedule of Group Coaching Calls

  • Week 1: The Creative Mind Release Date 1/15/22 Call 1: 1/15/22 at 12pm EST Full Welcome Call Coaching Call 2: 1/17/22 at 8pm EST Coaching Call 3: 1/19/22 at 1pm EST

  • Week 2: Elevated Emotions Release Date 1/22/22 Coaching Call 4: 1/25/22 at 1pm EST Coaching Call 5: 1/27/22 at 8pm EST

  • Week 3: Clear Intentions Release Date 1/29/22 Coaching Call 6: 1/31/22 at 8pm EST Coaching Call 7: 2/3/22 at 11am EST

  • Week 4: Flow State Release Date 2/5/22 Coaching Call 8: 2/8/22 at 1pm EST Coaching Call 9: 2/11/22 at 1pm EST

  • Week 5: Clearing Blocks and Upper Limits Release Date 2/12/22 Coaching Call 10: 2/15/22 at 8pm EST Coaching Call 11: 2/18/22 at 1pm EST

  • Week 6: Aligned Goals Release Date 2/19/22 Coaching Call 12: 2/22/22 at 11am EST Coaching Call 13: 2/25/22 at 11am EST

  • Week 7: Creative Routines Release Date 2/26/22 Coaching Call 14: 3/1/22 at 8pm EST Coaching Call 15: 3/3/22 at 1pm EST

  • Week 8: Writing Your New Story Release Date 3/5/22 Coaching Call 16: 3/8/22 at 1pm EST Coaching Call 17: 3/11/22 at 1pm EST

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