What if...

your practice doesn't have to end? What if you gave yourself 6 months to fully embody the principles you learned in UnBound, to deepen your practice and build a foundation of habits that will help you master your mindset and overcome what is still holding you back?

  • Imagine having a community of supportive, creative women who are all practicing the routines they created in UnBound, sharing inspiration and keeping each other accountable..

  • Imagine having the continued inspiration and support of Heidi to uplift, encourage and check in with your progress as you go deeper into what comes up for you each month

  • Imagine a safe place to explore your shadow work and finally release the biggest blocks that are holding you back from taking action on your wildest creative vision.

  • Imagine a community that already sees the vision of your highest and best self as your reality NOW, and will support you as you remove the blocks to your awareness of that great truth.

  • Imagine what it would feel like to have accountability for taking action on your Aligned Goals TODAY.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to your resource library!

    • How to access your resources

    • Group Coaching Schedule & Zoom Links (Updated Regularly)

    • Schedule your 1 on 1 coaching calls. (Premium Members Only)

    • Private Facebook Community Link

  • 2

    Dig Deep: Monthly Topics with Heidi

    • Month 1

  • 3

    Guided Meditations

    • Audio Resource #1

  • 4

    Journal Prompts

    • Month 1 Journal

  • 5

    Affirmations and Printable Art

    • Affirmations Month 1

  • 6

    Recorded Group Coaching Calls

    • Group Coaching Call Month 1

  • 7

    Reading List & Book Club Calls

    • Book List Month 1

  • 8

    Creative Exercises

    • Creative Exercises Month 1

Basic Monthly Membership

Active Membership Includes (monthly)

  • Unbound: The Practice, Membership Site Access

  • Deepening exploration: Monthly lesson from Heidi Hope

  • 1 group coaching call (per month) with Heidi Hope

  • Guided Meditations

  • Journal Prompts

  • Creative Exercises

  • Private Facebook Community for support with weekly check ins

  • Additional Resources and Book List related to each monthly topic

Premium Membership with 1 on 1 Coaching

Includes everything listed in the Basic Membership PLUS

  • Monthly aligned goal setting session with Heidi

  • 2 monthly 1 on 1, Private Zoom Coaching Calls with Heidi

  • End of month goal tracker and reflections

  • Sign up monthly OR for a discounted 6 month experience!

Membership Levels

Fully embody the Unbound Principles through daily practice. Dig deeper on the principles of the course with group support. Take inspired action on your Biggest Wildest Creative Ideas, and Transform Your Biggest Block to Bliss. Premium Membership Levels include 2 1-on-1 Private Coaching Calls with Heidi per Month.

  • $397.00 / month

    Basic Monthly Practice

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  • $9,997.00

    6 Months Premium 1 on 1

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  • $1,997.00 / month

    Premium: 1 on 1 Coaching

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